The Professional Supervisor Program Registration

About the Program

Our program is offered as 6, half-day sessions.  Perfect for a new manager or supervisor, or for someone trying to prepare for a supervisor position. 

Who Should Attend

Managers or supervisors who are new to their role, current managers or supervisors who need foundational skills or individual contributors who are trying to prepare for the next level.


$1,950 for the entire program.  Each class meets for a half-day and there are 6 classes in the program.

Price includes:  Six half-day, interactive virtual instructor-led classes, each class provides robust class materials, workbooks and supervisory tools, multiple self assessments and Harvard Business Review journal articles, relevant to the day.

For group discounts options or additional information, please contact for more information.

Course Outline

Day 1: Self Management: understanding the purpose of a supervisor, staying focused on the most important tasks, prioritizing effort, time and energy.  Time management exercises and video examples.

Day 2: Defining and Assigning Work: defining the work to be done, defining standards of performance for the job, and effective means of delegation, distributing and assigning work.

Day 3: Giving Feedback and Evaluating Results: managing performance against performance standards, applying the correct management style to the situation and using a skills matrix.  Includes video examples of over / under supervision and effective performance reviews. Class also includes giving appropriate feedback, coaching and counseling, disciplining and terminating employees, and HR employment law summary overview.  Includes video examples of effective and ineffective terminations.

Day 4: Acquiring Top Talent: recruiting, interviewing, screening, selecting and on-boarding employees into first 90 days.  Includes videos covering unconscious bias and effective and ineffective interview examples.

Day 5: Developing Others: coaching and mentoring to develop employees, numerous talent assessment and development tools and techniques using the G.R.O.W. method, multiple hands-on exercises.

Day 6: Developing and Managing Teams: how to lead at each team development stage, managing remote teams, decision-making models, team cohesion tools, videos covering team trust and Covey's four disciplines of execution.

All classes will be held virtually via Zoom Meets platform.